Children's Book – Sion


Book Design and illustrations for Children's book on Sion's origins

Book Design and watercolor Illustration

THe history of the international catholic school of Sion has been passed on by oral tradition, until we were contacted to develop the book design and illustrations in partnership with Quark Press. The book shows the journey of the two brothers and founders of the school and the help of Madeleine–Louise, dating from the french revolution period. The book has been released and distributed specifically within Sion Schools.

All the paintings and design were analised and approved by the School in São Paulo, the school headquarters in Paris and the Vatican.

Client: Sion School
Project: Book Design, Visual Identity and Illustrations

Besides the Sion Project, many watercolor illustrations were created to more than 20 children's books, exhibits around the world and select to be part of Illustration Now!4.